About Us

At Marine Plus your passion is our passion and working with you to turn your boating dreams into reality is what we do best.

We take your ideas with our skills and experience we can deliver on time and on budget.

Contact us to discuss any new work. We are happy to supply you with a free quote or just to discuss options.

At Marine Plus we are a versatile and comprehensive team that are more then capable to help you with your New Builds, and Refits. Including but not limited to:

  • Foils and Daggerboards
  • Rudder and Rudder Stocks
  • Keel Building and Bulb Casting
  • Infusion Jobs
  • Pre-preg work
  • Bow Pole Fixed or Retractable
  • Race Car Parts
  • Teak Decks and Interior Timber work
  • Timber and Composite Benchtops
  • Custom Refrigeration (to suit any hull shape)
  • Mast Spreaders

Riann Alers has been around boats most of his life and has been building boats for 15 years. His love of boats in general and sailing in particular has seen this passion become his life’s work.

Originally hailing from South Africa, Riaan’s impressive┬áresume includes:

  • Shore crew for the Volvo Racing Team
  • Boat builder on the Volvo 60 boat in South Hampton
  • Boat builder for the 2007 America’s Cup in Valencia with the South African Team.
  • Boat builder for Southern Ocean

Get in touch with Riann and his team today and let’s get you out on the water!