Our Services

New Boat Builds

At Marine Plus we can work with  you to turn your dreams into reality. From planning to commissioning we have the experience and skill  to deliver  on time and budget. Working with you the whole way. We have found in the past that good communication leads to good relationships and good projects.

Contact us to discuss any new work. We are happy to supply you with a free quote or just to discuss options.


With the economy what it is, it has become more feasible to give older boats a new lease of life or turn the ordinary into he extraordinary. Using conventional and exotic materials we can turn  your boat, camper or even house into something that will turn heads and give you a sence of the extraordinary for years to come. Having experience in the marine and building fields we are capable of a vast variety of projects and can supply the client with anything from advise to concept drawings.

Synthetic Decking

Used as an alternative to real teak, synthetic decking is hardwearing, doesn’t fade and is a cost effective alternative to real teak.

Custom componentry

we have worked with numerous  clients to manufacture components ranging from new rudders to retractable bow sprits. Be it for practicality or to get more out of your racing yacht we enjoy the challenging nature of improvements.  Contact us for compettetive pricing and advise on what your most practical and cost effective options might be. We are sailors ourselves and enjoy nothing more that helping owners to get more out of their boats.

Dinghy foils

Having a large and active fleet of dinghys of all classes in Tauranga we have built up a fair bit of experience with several of the classes.  We are mainly involved with the Zephyr fleet  and have assisted sailors in manufacturing foils and components to help them get the most out of their boats.

Small repairs

We welcome repairs to any glass fibre and composite items. From jet ski’s to kayaks, come and see us for a plan to get you back out there.


We have manufactured numerous custom components for racing cars in the past. Be it whole body panels or customised  cooling ducts we can manufacture practically any part using light weight and strong materials. Carbon fibre is our preffered construction materials ,but we also use other exotic fibres and resins  to achieve sertain demands of the product.

Masts and booms

Although we do not manufacture our own mast section, we are capable of manufacturing spreaders, booms and spinnaker poles and can fit out yacht rigs to a very high specification and at a very competitive price. We can also repair practically any damage to composite rigging or optimise your existing rig with carbon components. Having spent a lot of time with racing teams ranging from  The America’s cup to Wednesday Night racing roud the harbour  we have seen and fixed most  things that can break on the water. We have exxelent design recources available in Tauranga and feel we can do as good a job as you will find anywhere in the country.


We have a vast range of processes we can use to achieve different  results. In this industry, products can be manufactured in various ways to achieve different benefits. We have the experience to advise our clients on the best course of action to achieve the best and most cost effective way to manufacture product. From one-off products to production runs we will find the best way to achieve the goals set for us. We have the skill and equipment to do resin infusion, vacuum bagging, pre-preg lamination and curing as well as all the more basic processes like open lay ups and polyester work for the more basic and cost effective production.


We are capable of manufacturing tooling for most processes. From CNC cut aluminium tooling to basic hand made mould for simple one-off items, we will come up with the best solution to your tooling requirements. We have local access to various cnc machines and design resources  We can take care of most design and engineering tasks in house, but have a group of professionals we consult when we feel the need.

Marine painting

We do most of our component  paintwork in house, but also have access to excellent local marine painters who have a experienced team and work to a very high standard.